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We build
the world's
first green silicon

JPM Silicon stands for a sustainable
production of metallurgical silicon.
We produce our green silicon by
recycling silicon waste from the solar

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Our Products

We produce silicon with the lowest carbon-footprint in the industry.

Silicon powders

Our silicon powders can be used for chemical products, ceramics and lithium-ion batteries.

The particles size is < 1mm with a quality up to 99.99%.

Silicon pellets

Our silicon pellets can be used as an alloying element for aliminum and ferro-alloys. They have a high solubility and can substitute for ferrosilicon (FeSi) as well as silicon lumps and has a quality of of min. 98.5%.

Silicon lumps

Our silicon lumps are a standard commodity. The size ranges from 10-100mm with a quality of min. 98.5%.

Our Produkt
About Us

Our goal is to produce CO2-neutral silicon and to be the first green silicon producer worldwide. Our focus is on silicon for solar cells - and thus a truly green energy supply.

JPM Silicon (HK) Limited.

JPM Silicon (HK) Limited was founded in the year 2018 by Dr.-Ing. Jan-Philipp Mai and Aaron Weithäuser with the goal to build a sustainable silicon production plant by recycling silicon in Asia. With a market share of 75%, China is the biggest producer of solar cells - and thus our raw material supplier. In the past two years, we have built and successfully tested the first prototypes in China. We are currently planning to implement the first industrial recycling plant with a production start in 2022. Our know how is based on a strong network with over ten years of experience under the JPM Silicon® brand.

Why we focus on sustainable silicon.

Today, silicon is an indispensable raw material for our society: as an alloying element in aluminium, in chemical products, in lithium-ion batteries (i.e. for cars, cellphones), in solar cells and computer chips. Yet production is highly energy-intensive and associated with indirect and direct CO2 emissions.

We don‘t use coal.

Conventionally silicon is industrially produced from quartz and coal in an electric arc furnace. By melting down and recycling silicon waste, we avoid the use of fossil resources. This way we save approx. 3 tons of CO2 per ton of silicon.

We recyle.

We have developed a unique process to recycle silicon waste. Since we use recycled material for our silicon production, we have not only managed to reduce the CO2 emissions of silicon production but also to keep the raw material costs low.

We spend less electricity.

Instead of the energy-intensive production of silicon from quartz and coal, our unique and patented process to transform recycled raw material into silicon, requires about 80% less energy.

We produce high quality silicon.

Our technology allows us to gradually reduce impurities in the silicon waste and in the end offer our customers the quality they are used to without compromise.

We have patented processes.

Our technology allows us to gradually reduce impurities in the silicon waste and in the end offer our customers the quality they are used to without compromise.

Our team combines years of technology, market as well as
entrepreneurial know how.


Dr.-Ing. Jan-Philipp Mai, MBA

Founder & CEO/CTO

J.P. has invented the underlying recycling process and technology and holds a Doctoral Degree in mechanical engineering from TU Braunschweig (Germany). As a serial entrepreneur, he is a consulting partner in several ventures along the silicon value chain with over ten years of experience.


Aaron Weithäuser, MBA

Team 10+

Co-Founder & CEO/COO

Aaron has successfully built a highly profitable industrial trading business across China and Europe from the ground up. He has lived in Hong Kong during his studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. At JPM Silicon he is responsible for daily operations and partnerships.

While currently supported by the founders, their mother companies, and partners, we are currently building a strong team of full-time employees in Hong Kong. We will focus our R&D efforts on silicon recycling in Hong Kong and use the city as our hub to ramp-up production capacities in China and Asia.

Awards & Network

About Us

Winner Cat. GreenTec, 2019


Are you interested in what we do? Get in touch, we are looking forward to talking to you!

JPM Silicon (HK) Ltd.
S.A.R. Hong Kong

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